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At Urban MBA we discover, inspire and support potential entrepreneurs using learning scenarios
that are appropriate and provide forward-focused adaptable tools.

This is especially important as we work closely with Generation Y and Z.

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The Street Entrepreneur

which aims to promote Urban MBA’s mission and vision of empowering marginalized and disengaged young adults to strive for success and independence.

The campaign

will feature NFT characters/images from around the world who have become successful despite facing challenges such as lack of access to networks, not having gone through university, and coming through major struggles and hurdles.

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NFT Roadmap


1st launch of the NFT 2000 Characters


20 influencer will get a creative pack just before launch with their own limited edition NFT


1st launch once minted holders have access to website and 20 lucky winners will get 50% discount on the online course


New character reveal and now Utilities will be announce just before xmas.

(At this point the discord/twitter should be buzzling as the series of competition are in process)


New launch of characters, new utilities extra access on website and online goodies.

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Utility: Access to exclusive offers and discounts from UK streetwear brands, such as Saint Giovana de la Mode, Okuru LDN, Xclucded, Young, Cool & Gifted Ltd.

Utility: VIP treatment with free tickets to Urban MBA's Pop-Up Runway and Annual Fashion Shows.

Utility: Access to exclusive content related to the Ghana Football Project, including podcasts, interviews, and updates on the youth football development program.

Utility: Virtual workshops on launching your sustainable fashion brand, hosted by experienced German fashion entrepreneurs.

Utility: Enjoy a 10% discount on delicious Caribbean meals at Mama Ktchn Caribbean Food.

Utility: Discounted membership at The ARC Club, a co-working space that actively supports Urban MBA's initiatives.

Utility: Access to exclusive workshops by Okuru LDN and a special discount code for their website when making a purchase.

Utility: A one-on-one session with Bernie, the founder of the London Coworking Assembly, to learn how to build a thriving community around co-working spaces and hubs.

Utility: Enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing products from Elysian Roots, an organisation dedicated to promoting the fascinating world of fungi.

Utility: Access to a private virtual event celebrating global street art culture, featuring live discussions with renowned artists and an exclusive look at the newest street art projects around the world.

Utility: Access to co-working spaces in the Netherlands, fostering creativity and collaboration, facilitated by Urban MBA's connections.

Utility: A special experience or discount in the UK, aligned with Urban MBA's international connections and initiatives.

Utility: Personalised fitness and wellness sessions with Maxine Holistic Fitness and Adrian, a professional personal trainer, enhancing your holistic well-being.

Utility: A culinary experience with Racheal Cooks, an expert in African fusion cuisine, promoting the rich flavors and culture of the African continent.

Utility: Access to premium podcast services featuring engaging content on sneaker culture, fashion trends, and entrepreneurial success stories.

Participants will get all of the utilities above and more when they get the Plain NFT (MBA Special) which is not assiocatied with a country. Also special access to urban mba course.

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Meet The Crew

Antonio Stax


Blake C


Jess C




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Set up a crypto wallet that supports NFTs like MetaMask to store purchases.
  • Get Ethereum cryptocurrency on an exchange to use for NFT purchases.
  • Browse and find desired NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare.
  • Buy fixed-price NFTs directly or bid in auctions and wait to see if you win.
  • Complete blockchain transaction including gas fees to finalize the purchase.
  • Store purchased NFTs safely in your wallet.
  • Research NFTs carefully before investing - follow trends and communities.
  • Consider reselling NFTs that gain demand and value on the marketplace.
In summary - get a compatible crypto wallet, acquire ETH currency, explore and purchase NFTs on marketplaces, store them securely in your wallet, research investments, and potentially resell for profit.

OpenSea - The largest NFT marketplace with the widest selection of NFTs from different blockchains and creators. You can buy, bid on, and list NFTs for sale.

Rarible - Similar to OpenSea but with more of a focus on art NFTs. Create, mint, and sell digital collectibles and creations.

SuperRare - Specialized marketplace just for single-edition digital art NFTs. All works are curated.

Foundation - Artists can apply to mint limited edition NFTs to be sold on this platform. Focuses on creators.

AtomicHub - Marketplace using the WAX blockchain, with a large gaming and collectible NFT selection.

Coinbase NFT - Major crypto exchange Coinbase's NFT marketplace. Can buy and showcase NFTs.

Solanart - NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. Lower fees than Ethereum platforms.

Async Art - Sell generative NFT art that can be dynamically updated over time.

You can manage NFTs you purchase through crypto wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc. These connect to the marketplaces.

Minting means creating a new NFT by adding it to the blockchain. This gives the NFT a permanent digital record and proof of ownership.

When minting an NFT, descriptive details like the creator’s name and NFT content get stored on the blockchain. This data verifies the NFT's authenticity.

Both artists and collectors can mint new NFTs. For artists, minting lets them control ownership of their work. For collectors, minting lets them become the first owners.

Minting establishes who owns an NFT and its origin story. The blockchain permanently stores the NFT's ownership history starting with its minting.

So minting NFTs allows digital creations to be recorded as one-of-a-kind assets. It lets artists and collectors claim ownership in a verified way. The minting process gives NFTs their digital identity and proof of scarcity.

When you mint an NFT, it becomes stored on the blockchain, where its authenticity and ownership is established.  And because the blockchain record can’t be edited, minting is the start of that NFT’s immutable history.

When an NFT is minted, smart contracts automatically set the creator as the first owner. They can then transfer ownership when the NFT is sold.

NFT marketplaces may use smart contracts to hold ownership temporarily during auctions until set conditions are met. Smart contracts can also add utilities to NFTs, like rewards in games or interactive features. Importantly, smart contracts are computer code, not legal documents. They automatically execute actions if conditions are met.

So in summary, smart contracts assign and transfer NFT ownership, enable extra utilities through code, and automate actions - expanding what NFTs can do.

  • The blockchain itself is very secure due to encryption and decentralization.
  • Your main risks come from mistakes with your wallet keys or falling for scams.
  • Use a trusted crypto wallet carefully. Never share your wallet seed phrase.
  • Only buy NFTs on reputable marketplaces to avoid fakes.
  • Don't trust random people contacting you about NFT deals.
  • Smart contract risks are rare but possible - vet projects carefully.
  • True ownership can still be uncertain due to screenshots, saving images, etc.
So the blockchain secures ownership records well. But you need to take steps around wallet safety, avoiding scams, and buying from trusted sources. Be vigilant in protecting your NFT assets.

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